Sustainable Lifestyle

At Eplet we grow a range of fruits and vegetables. Our guests have their own little garden, where you pick your own green stuff if you do your share of weeding. Our happiest guests are those that stay for a few days, make their own food and have time enough to enjoy the garden.

In addition to juice and berries we also sell homegrown vegetables to the hotel. On the picture Julienne is packing kale straight from the field.

If you search around you will find more than enough to make your family happy. By the way, in the reception we sell Eplet t-shirts in many colors.

Happy Rabbits

We have a cat, ten free-range chickens and two small rabbits that loves company. They have a real house where you can enter and sit down.

The rabbits eat dandylion in the summer and kale in the winter. Sometimes they get some extra candy .

Lets go and explore the Eplet garden. Mate, can you see some dandylions?

Crocket Golf

You have done the glaciers, the fjords and the mountains. It is too late in the day to start a new expedition, but the sun is still shining for many hours in the Norwegian summer. So what do you? You play crocket golf!

In spring 2007 we built a 9-hole crocket golf course around the main building at Eplet hostel. So far more than 400 people have played the game. It takes half an hour and it is a lot of fun.

Most people play a round or two, but some people get a kick and are standing in the garden for days. It is a very social thing.


We have a few hummocks hanging between the trees. They are popular!