Fjord Kayak

Lustrafjorden is the innermost part of Sognefjorden - the second longest fjord on earth. A kayak trip along the shores of Lustrafjord is a perfect way to explore the wilderness. There are seals, porpoises and a variety of landliving animals that don't run away before you get very close.

FjordSeal was established in 2010 by Franka & Paul Fransen. They offer guided kayak trips. The normal trip is about 4 hours and is designed for the whole family. Children 7-14 years are required to paddle in a tandem with an adult. After instructions we paddle towards Solvorn.

With one of the routes available we will visit a colony of seals and have a lunch break. Bring your own food,drinks and extra clothes/towels,and don't forget your camera: you will have four exciting hours, guaranteed!

In the period from the 1st of May to the 30th of September there are daily trips. Start at 09.30 at the base in Marifjøra about 400 meters from Tørvis Hotel. Bring your own food, drinks and extra clothes/towels. Booking in advance is advisable as there are limited places available,with a maximum number of 10 persons. Call +47 957 74 196

Ice lake kayak

In the proximity of the Jostedalsbreen glacier there are several remote valleys with glacier lakes. Combine a glacier walk with a widerness experience and a kayak trip where you paddle between icebergs. icetroll offers kayak and glacier hikes in these regions. The tours are designed for any ability. They are long day trips, so you should be prepared with a big lunch pack and good clothing fro being outdoors the whole day. But the tempo is relaxing, so you don't have to be in especially good physical shape.

These are the day trips:

1. Styggevatnet Daytrip. 7,5 hours. Early July- mid October. Kayak paddle and glacier walk. Highlight: Kayak around icebergs.

2. Styggevatnet Halfday. 4 hours. Mid July- mid October. Boat trip and glacier walk. Designed for families.

3. Tunsbergdalsbreen Daytrip. 9 hours. June- mid October. Kayak paddle and glacier walk. Highlight: Hiking a Wild Gorge & Isolated Glacier

4. Nigardsbrevatnet Daytrip. 6 hours. Late May- early July. Kayak paddle and glacier walk. Highlight: longer glacier trip. There are also several overnight trips.

Most of the day trips can be reached with the glacier bus, but be aware that you may not catch the glacier bus on the way back. If so, you need to take a later bus from the glacier center that will not take you all the way down to Solvorn. You will have to walk the last three kilometers from the main road down to Eplet.


icetroll offers rafting in Jostedøla. You will paddle in a seven passenger raft with a highly trained guide through class I, II, and III (in high water conditions) rapids. The Jostedøla river originates in Jostedalsbreen, and on its way down to Lustrafjord it cuts a path through alpine valleys of unmatched beauty. When rafting you will see this landscape from its most thrilling vantage point. The starting point is Jostedalen camping, not too far from the glacier center.

There are three different trips:

1. Little miss piggy family trip. 2 hours. Daily at 10:00 and 14:00. A very easy trip for the whole Family!

The trip may depend on the amount of water in the river.

2. Riverpig trip. 3 hours. Daily at 1000 and 1400. Takes in a series of class 3-4 white water and fantastic gorge and mountain scenery.

3. Big Boss Hog trip. 6,5 hours. Daily at 1000. Includes lunch, a shower under a 200m high waterfall, and a fantastic run through class 4 rapids. You will see almost the whole Jostedalen Valley from the water.

Glacier hiking

Jostedalsbreen glacier is the largest ice cap on the European continent. From the endless white plateau a lot of glacier arms are pushing their way down the valleys. One of the most spectacular and the easiest accessible of these is the Nigardsbreen glacier in Jostedalen. You get to the glacier center by private car (45 minutes) or with the Glacier Bus, which leaves Solvorn at 08:35 every day. The bus returns to Solvorn 18:15.

Jostedalen breførarlag, the glacier guide company, offers guided tours on Nigardsbreen.

All equipment is included and safety is the number one priority. The walk is not physically hard.

Although some people find that they have used new muscles from walking with crampons on the ice, so it can be tiring!

The hosts recommend enjoying the glacier with a cinnamon roll from Lustrabui bakery

There are 4 different glacier walks:

1. The family walk. Very easy, mostly on flat ice. From 6 years old, especially suitable for young children. You buy the ticket at the edge of the glacier. Duration: 1 hour, runs daily.

2. Short Blue Ice Trip. Short and easy trip between crevasses and seracs. From 12 years old. Suitable for everybody. May be very crowded in July and August. Duration: 3.5 hours, runs daily.

3. Blue Ice Trip. RECOMMENDED. Easy, but long enough to seek out some more impressive areas of the ice. Visit and investigate the most interesting formations and colours. From 12 years old. Suitable for everybody. Duration: 4.5 hours, runs daily.

4. Blue Ice Special. A more challenging glacier tour. In smaller groups of 6 people, you can try a more demanding blue-ice trek and for those who wish: ice-climbing with a pair of climbing axes on a wall of ice with a top rope. From 12 years old. Suitable for people with normal fitness. Duration: 6 hours runs Mon, Weds, Fri, Sat. Highly recommended!

Buy your ticket online:

Included in the ticket is free entrance to the glacier center. There is cafe, a souvenir shop and a glacier exhibition.